OpenStack Technical Committee

The OpenStack Technical Committee is one of the governing bodies of the OpenStack project. It is an elected group that represents the contributors to the project, and has oversight on all technical matters.

The Technical Committee is formally defined in the OpenStack Foundation bylaws (in particular article 4.1(b), article 4.13 and Appendix 4) and further refined in the OpenStack Technical Committee Charter.

Upstream work under the Technical Committee is organized under official OpenStack Project Teams and more informal Working Groups.

These pages contain OpenStack Technical Committee reference documents and track official resolutions voted by the committee.

Current Members

Full Name IRC Nickname Term Expires Role
Davanum Srinivas dims April 2017
Dean Troyer dtroyer April 2017
Doug Hellmann dhellmann October 2017
Emilien Macchi emilienm October 2017
Flavio Percoco flaper87 April 2017
Jeremy Stanley fungi October 2017
John Garbutt johnthetubaguy April 2017
Matthew Treinish mtreinish April 2017
Mike Perez thingee April 2017
Monty Taylor mordred October 2017
Sean Dague sdague October 2017
Steve Martinelli stevemar October 2017
Thierry Carrez ttx April 2017 chair

Reference documents and Resolutions

How to propose governance changes

Motions need to be presented before Friday 0800 UTC to be added to the next Tuesday meeting agenda for discussion. They should either be posted as a proposed change to the governance repository (on or as a “[tc]” thread to (with a pointer to that thread being posted to to make sure it gets the required attention from TC members). Upon verification, the chair will put the motion on the agenda for the next meeting.

There might be a backlog of requests, in which case the discussion will be scheduled for a subsequent meeting. We use Gerrit to record votes, so before being formally voted on or approved, motions will have to be presented as a change in the governance git repository. You can find instructions on how to do that in the Developer’s guide section of the Infra manual. Please contact the TC chair in case you need help. Note that a number of simpler changes do not require formal voting by the majority of the Technical Committee membership. Those exceptions are listed in the House rules for governance changes approval document.