IRC Channel PoliciesΒΆ

Projects associated with OpenStack are encouraged to use IRC channels for communication. The #openstack channel is available for discussion of any OpenStack related topic, and #openstack-dev likewise for development topics.

Many projects also have their own channels, though this is not required. The #openstack-tc channel is used by members of the Technical Committee for discussions related to OpenStack governance and everyone in the community is welcome to join and participate in the conversations or when they have a question or a concern.

As a community we strive for open communication that accommodates many schedules, styles, cultures, and preferences. We maintain IRC channels for real-time communication as a primary use-case. But, since asynchronous communication is also necessary considering our community lives around the globe, we want logs of that communication with expectations that all our IRC channels are open to everyone.

All OpenStack related channels shall be logged and made publicly accessible and attempts to notify channel users of that fact shall be undertaken.