OpenStack User Committee

The OpenStack User Committee is one of the governing bodies of the OpenStack project.

The User Committee is formally defined in the OpenStack Foundation bylaws (in particular article 4.14 and further refined in the OpenStack User Committee Charter.

These pages contain OpenStack User Committee reference documents and track official resolutions voted by the committee.

Current Members

Full Name IRC Nickname Term Expires Role
Edgar Magana emagana August 2017 undefined
Jon Proulx jproulx August 2017 undefined
Shilla Saebi ShillaSaebi August 2017 undefined
Shamail Tahir shamail February 2018 undefined
Melvin Hillsman mrhillsman February 2018 undefined


Name Chairs Mission
Matt Van Winkle <> To discuss the needs and issues of those running large OpenStack deployments.

Working Groups

Name Chairs Status Mission
Shamail Tahir <>, Maish Saidel-Keesing <> completed To assist the User Committee with defining its constituency.

Reference documents and Resolutions

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