2013-31-06 Ceilometer and Heat Official Names

The OpenStack Foundation bylaws state:



[..] The “OpenStack Project” shall consist of a “Core OpenStack Project,” library projects, gating projects and supporting projects. . The Core OpenStack Project means the software modules which are part of an integrated release and for which an OpenStack trademark may be used. The other modules which are part of the OpenStack Project, but not the Core OpenStack Project may not be identified using the OpenStack trademark except when distributed with the Core OpenStack Project.

The role of the Board of Directors in the management of the OpenStack Project and the Core OpenStack Project are set forth in Section 4.13. On formation of the Foundation, the Core OpenStack Project is the Block Storage, Compute, Dashboard, Identity Service, Image Service, Networking, and Object Storage modules. The Secretary shall maintain a list of the modules in the Core OpenStack Project which shall be posted on the Foundation’s website.


For modules of the Core OpenStack Project, the Technical Committee may recommend to the Board of Directors the modules for addition, combination, split or deletion from the Core OpenStack Project. Except as provided below, the Board of Directors shall consider only those additions, combinations, splits or deletions that are recommended by the Technical Committee, but shall have the sole authority to approve or reject such additions, combinations, splits and deletions from the Core OpenStack Project.

The Technical Committee’s interpretation of these clauses is that only the projects which are currently included in the “Core OpenStack Project” may use an official OpenStack project name even when they are distributed standalone. For example, Nova may call itself OpenStack Compute because it is included in the “Core OpenStack Project”.

The Ceilometer and Heat projects became Integrated during the Havana release cycle and we feel it makes sense for these projects to also be allowed use their official project names in isolation:

OpenStack Telemetry (Ceilometer) OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)

Given our interpretation of the bylaws, we formally recommend that the Board of Directors approve the addition (by the Secretary) of these projects to the list of the modules in the Core OpenStack Project.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Technical Committee is not taking a stance here on whether these projects should be required to be included in OpenStack products which use the OpenStack trademark. This is a whole other, commonly understood, meaning of the term “Core” and we recognize there is not consensus around including these projects under this meaning of the term.