2024-03-22 Adjudication of the 2024.2 TC ElectionΒΆ

The 2024.2/Dalmatian elections for Technical Committee recently concluded. The results, if followed, would have placed the TC in violation of the TC diversity requirement in the TC charter.

In order to prevent this, Sylvain Bauza, one of the newly elected TC candidates, has resigned his candidacy in order to prevent the need for a waiver of the diversity requirement. We thank him for this.

Under the TC charter TC election process, when a TC seat is vacant with more than four weeks until the next election begins, we consult the candidates further down the ballot to resolve the situation. In the election results, Artem Goncharov (gtema) is the next eligible candidate who was not elected.

This TC resolution executes the above policy to select Artem Goncharov to take the TC seat vacated by Sylvain Bauza.