Goal Champions


As OpenStack matures, large initiatives linger that affect the community as a whole. Like with any large body of work, someone needs to step up and coordinate the group, keep track of progress, call for and chair regular meetings, and publish status updates. PTLs do this work for project teams, leaders do it for various cross-project working groups and SIGs, and champions do it to help us complete OpenStack-wide Goals over a cycle. Additionally, efficient coordination is one of the most productive ways to get things done, especially in large communities.

The work of those champions is essential to the success of OpenStack, and yet it is often challenging to find volunteers for those positions. Contributing as a goal champion takes time (several hours per week), and that commitment needs to be properly recognized and celebrated.

Volunteers for this role will make a direct impact on the productivity of others, become respected leaders in OpenStack community, build influence among their peers, and make great candidates for future elected leadership positions in OpenStack.


Opportunity for Influence

As a sponsor or partial sponsor of a community-wide initiative, you have the opportunity to influence the decision-making process. This influence is particularly true if you have existing workarounds or have attempted alternative solutions, both of which are essential perspectives to have in the goal selection process.

Early Adoption

By sponsoring a community goal champion, you have someone in-house to answer questions about the ongoing work and decision making process upstream. This can be an excellent resource in minimizing disruption to downstream products and services, especially tracking a large piece of work across services and projects.


If you are interested in helping with community goals, contact the Technical Committee sponsor for this item (dhellmann).