Glance Contributors


Glance is a service to manage disk images for OpenStack clouds. It was one of the first projects developed in the OpenStack ecosystem. Nearly every OpenStack deployment contains a Glance service. Without Glance, Nova cannot create servers.

Glance is looking for new contributors who would be willing to provide reviews, to work on bugs, or to work on new features. Glance has welcomed interns, junior developers, and more senior developers. In every case, it is a great way to grow and contribute to OpenStack.


Maintenance Costs

Glance is a critical service in OpenStack. Contributions to the future of the image registry are essential to the stability of OpenStack. More importantly, Glance is not feature-complete. There is significant technical debt that needs to be taken care of and several features to implement.


The OpenStack community continues to evolve, and this evolution requires large cross-project initiatives. Furthermore, users and operators expect consistency across the OpenStack platform. Examples from recent history include OpenStack-wide support for Python 3 and easing operator pain by moving policy configuration into code. Ensuring Glance stays up-to-date with these initiatives is imperative in reducing operational costs, complexity, and user frustration.


Interested? Join the Glance IRC channel (#openstack-glance) or reach out to the OpenStack discuss mailing list using the [glance] tag.