Top 5 help wanted list

This document lists areas where the OpenStack Technical Committee seeks contributions to significantly help OpenStack as a whole. While in most cases things happen naturally through the normal contribution dynamics in the community, in some cases a tragedy of the commons is at play. Guidance, leadership and proper recognition of efforts is therefore needed to encourage individuals or organizations to contribute in areas where they could make a big impact.

Each item should clearly explain why the item matters (value of the effort to the community, operators and users), why we need help there (description of the current situation) and what experience or benefit the volunteer can expect to gain from tackling it. It should also include the name of a TC sponsor (responsible for evangelizing, articulating and channelling the work, but also facilitating connections between candidates and target teams). For an estimate of the commitment required, interested candidates should reach out to the TC sponsor, or the PTL of the affected project.

1. Documentation owners

The #1 pain point in OpenStack, especially for new potential adopters, is complexity. While cutting down complexity everwhere we can is critical, proper documentation is essential in addressing that complexity. It directly benefits operators and users of OpenStack, but also facilitates ramping up new direct contributors to the project itself.

The documentation team has been struggling with limited resources since the dawn of OpenStack, despite the heroic efforts of previous team members. An ambitious plan to further decentralize the Documentation team (and turn it into a guidance and mentoring support team) has been outlined. To be successful, this plan requires project teams to own their own documentation, which means that the role of documentation owners will be critical.

Volunteers for this role will in the short term drive this ambitious transition, by being members of their project team and members of the new decentralized documentation team. On the long-term they will become a reference go-to person in their project, and respected mentors in the OpenStack community.

Interested? Contact the Documentation PTL (asettle) or the TC sponsor for this item (dhellmann).

2. Glance Contributors

Glance is a service to manage images for OpenStack clouds. It’s one of the early projects in OpenStack and it’s deployed in almost every OpenStack cloud. Without Glance, Nova can’t boot instances.

Glance is struggling to find new contributors that would be willing to provide reviews, to work on bugs or to work on new features. This struggle started as a result of the latest lay-offs that happened at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017.

Glance is a great project to ramp up on OpenStack and it’s a great project for developers regardless of their experience. Glance has welcomed interns, junior developers, and more senior developers. In every case, it’s a great way to grow and contribute to OpenStack.

Glance is a critical project in OpenStack. Contributions to the future of the image registry are essential to the stability of OpenStack. More importantly, Glance is not “done”. There’s significant technical debt that needs to be taken care off and several features that can be implemented.

Interested? Join the Glance IRC channel (#openstack-glance) or reach out to the Glance PTL (rosmaita), the TC sponsor for this item (flaper87) or starting a new email thread on the ML using the tag [glance].