OpenStack User Committee

OpenStack User Committee

The OpenStack User Committee is one of the governing bodies of the OpenStack project.

The User Committee is formally defined in the OpenStack Foundation bylaws (in particular article 4.14 and further refined in the OpenStack User Committee Charter.

These pages contain OpenStack User Committee reference documents and track official resolutions voted by the committee.

Current Members

Full Name IRC Nickname Term Expires Role
Matt Van Winkle VW_ August 2019 vice-chair
Joseph Sandoval josephrsandoval August 2019
Melvin Hillsman mrhillsman February 2019 chair
Amy Marrich spotz February 2019
Yih Leong Sun leong February 2019


Name Chairs Mission
Coordinate users, service providers, and developers to find and fill the gaps for OpenStack adoption in financial industry.
Matt Van Winkle
To discuss the needs and issues of those running large OpenStack deployments.
Adrien Lebre
To debate and investigate how OpenStack can address Fog/Edge Computing use-cases.
Curtis Collicutt
Work with the OpenStack community and ecosystem to benefit OpenStack Operators specifically running telecommunication services and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) systems utilizing OpenStack.
Tom Fifield
Edgar Magana
Matt van Winkle
Melvin Hillsman
Saverio Proto
Shamail Tahir
To define tags for ops, allowing users to make better decisions by providing useful information about OpenStack software projects.
Yih Leong Sun
Shamail Tahir
Kei Tokunaga
To aggregate user stories from market-oriented work groups, partner with the development community on resources, and help gather data to generate a multi-release roadmap.

Working Groups

Name Chairs Status Mission
Nemat Bidokhti
Rochelle (Rocky) Grober
active The Fault Genes Working Group’s goal is to be the DNA of OpenStack fault-tolerance.
Jamey McCabe
active The working group aims to collaborate with the Product Working Group (PWG), other working groups and community-wide stakeholders to define the use cases and identify and prioritize the requirements which are needed to deploy, manage, and run services on top of OpenStack.
Tobias Rydberg
Howard Huang
active The aim of this group is to represent the interests of the OpenStack public cloud provider community, and to further adoption of OpenStack public cloud usage.
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