Glance Contributors


The OpenStack community is seeking contributors and maintainers for Glance, the disk image management service for OpenStack clouds.

Business Case

Glance is a critical service in OpenStack: it is a hard requirement for Nova, and as such is used in practically every OpenStack cloud. Due to the small size of the current Glance team, any investment in upstream Glance maintenance would result in a meaningful reduction in business risk for any organisation that relies on OpenStack clouds.

As a relatively small component that is nevertheless fundamental to OpenStack clouds, Glance also presents a good opportunity for an organisation to build expertise in OpenStack development processes that it can later apply to furthering its other interests in OpenStack.

Technical Details

Glance is looking for new contributors who would be willing to provide reviews, to work on bugs, or to work on new features. Glance has welcomed interns, junior developers, and more senior developers. In every case, it is a great way to grow and contribute to OpenStack.

Part of the work of a maintainer is in simply responding to changes (in dependent libraries, or other OpenStack components), and in investigating and fixing bugs as they are discovered.

However, Glance is not feature-complete - there remain opportunities to take meaningful ownership of parts of the project by reducing technical debt or implementing features.

Finally, maintainers can help ensure that the OpenStack-wide Goals for each cycle are implemented. This is essential for allowing the OpenStack project as a whole to move forward in cases where changes must be co-ordinated across every project.


You are welcome to contact the Glance PTL (Erno Kuvaja) or any member of the core review team directly for advice on how to get involved.

To get started, join the Glance IRC channel (#openstack-glance on OFTC) or reach out to the OpenStack-discuss mailing list using the [glance] tag in the subject line.