Tag application processes

Unless a specific tag, or group of tags, states otherwise, the criteria required for each tag is objective and anyone may propose adding or removing tags to a set of projects by proposing a change to the openstack/governance repository. The change is reviewed by the Technical Committee and approved using standard resolution approval rules, including discussion during at least one Technical Committee public IRC meeting.

The Technical Committee may approve any future updates to tag definitions and otherwise defer applications of tags.

TC Managed Tags

Team Description Tags

Project Assertion Tags

Project assertion tags are set by the project team PTL or suitable designee based on meeting the documented criteria.

The project asserting these tags should do so when the documented requirements are met for the reference implementation(s) or configuration(s) officially adopted by that project.

The Technical Committee may exceptionally remove tags if they find that the project doesn’t actually meet the documented criteria.

Vulnerability Management Tags

Stable Maintenance Tags