Tested Runtimes for 2024.2

Linux Distribution

At the start of the 2024.2 development cycle, the current LTS or stable distribution versions are:

  • Ubuntu 22.04

  • Debian 12

Additional testing for a smooth upgrade

  • None


It is the policy that each OpenStack release cycle will target the latest available version of Python; default Python runtime on the distributions listed above; and versions used in integration tests at the start of the cycle, at least until the point when all projects have migrated to a later version.

Also, as per the Python testing requirements defined in Project Testing Interface: Python, projects should avoid removing Python versions that have not reached EOL without a solid reason.

Based on the criteria above, all Python-based projects must target and test against, at a minimum:

  • Python 3.9 (available as default in Debian 11 and Centos 9 Stream) Python 3.9 is the the minimum supported/required version for 2024.2. This does not imply that Debian 11 is the minimum supported distribution but it may be used for tox testing. supporting Python 3.9 does not require full tempest testing, but py39 unit tests are expected as a minimum requirement for all Python projects. The minimal requirement for testing jobs against Python versions above is to ensure language compatibility, having more extensive testing is allowed.

  • Python 3.10 (available as default in Ubuntu 22.04)

    In previous cycle testing, we have not seen many incompatible changes between Python 3.9 and Python 3.10. It is okay to skip running the Python 3.10 testing jobs assuming that anything that works on Python 3.9 and 3.11 will also work on 3.10.

    Note: as most tempest jobs run on Ubuntu 22.04, it is expected that python 3.10 will be tested in tempest jobs. As such, it will be transitively tested for compatibility even without explicit unit and functional tests.

  • Python 3.11 (available as default in Debian 12)

    This is the upper bound of required testing for 2024.2.

  • Python 3.12 (going to be available as default in Ubuntu 24.04)

    This is not mandatory testing in the 2024.2 cycle, and there is no guarantee that the OpenStack 2024.2 release will support Python 3.12.


    There is a high chance that we might see a lot of failure in Python 3.12 and need a good amount of time to fix them. Adding it as non-voting is an effort to start testing and fixing the issues in advance. It is recommended to start the minimal testing in the 2024.2 cycle.

    Python 3.12 will be mandatory testing in a future release.

More details on Python requirements can be found in Project Testing Interface: Python.

Advance/Unstable Testing

The below list is for the distribution/python advance or unstable versions to test them in OpenStack CI/CD. These may not be part of integrated testing and may be tested as non-blockers or periodically only. The main idea is to test them in advance to be part of integrated testing in future cycles.

Based on their testing infra setup, instability, or their future releases, we can modify the list during any phase of the current development cycle.

  • CentOS Stream 9

  • Rocky Linux 9

  • Ubuntu 24.04 (supposed to be released at the end of April 2024)