Project Specific PTL and Contributor Documentation

While there are a lot of similarities between OpenStack projects, each project also has its own culture and way of doing things.

Some projects have more PTL duties than others or completely different duties entirely e.g. Release PTL versus Cinder PTL. Documenting these specific PTL duties outside of the Becoming a PTL Guide is important for smoothing transitions between PTLs from cycle to cycle or during a cycle when unforeseen circumstances arise. Having this information documented would also help with transparency for current contributors working towards the role themselves because there would be no question about what the job entails.

Similarly to how PTLs of different projects have different duties, the projects have different processes. While the general information to get started as an OpenStack contributor is provided in a variety of places like the Contributor Guide , there are a lot of project specific details that aren’t documented. Does X project require blueprints or are specifications enough? Does Y project require one or two plus twos to merge? Does Z project use Launchpad or StoryBoard for their task tracking? These project specific details should be documented in the projects’ own contributor guides. Having all this information in a single place will lower the barrier to entry for new contributors.


Kendall Nelson (diablo_rojo)

Gerrit Topic

To facilitate tracking, commits related to this goal should use the gerrit topic:


Completion Criteria

  1. There exists project specific information about contribution to that project in each project’s documentation in the form of a doc/source/contributor/contributing.rst following the template in the cookiecutter repo [3].

  2. There exists a PTL specific section in doc/source/contributor/contributing.rst with all extra duties they perform beyond the common set enumerated in the project team guide in the becoming a PTL section.

  3. Each project’s CONTRIBUTING.rst file is updated to the latest template from the cookiecutter repo[4], linking to both the OpenStack contributor guide and the project’s own contribution documentation.


  1. Becoming a PTL Guide

  2. Contributor Guide



  5. Nova PTL Guide

Current State / Anticipated Impact

There are some projects, like Nova’s above, that already have some of the PTL information gathered that would be good to help other PTLs brainstorm. Though I think a lot of this information will be quite different from project to project, we can still try to standardize on format and location across all projects documentation.

Other projects, like Octavia and Swift, already have a lot of project specific docs for new contributors that could be used to make some sort of basic outline/standard for other projects to follow.