OpenStack Governance

The OpenStack project is governed by three separate governance bodies, formally defined in the OpenStack Foundation bylaws.

Board of Directors

The OpenStack Board of Directors has oversight over the OpenStack Foundation, and the assets the Foundation protects (such as the OpenStack trademark). It is composed of appointed representatives from Platinum sponsors, elected representatives from Gold sponsors, and elected independent representatives. You can find more information about the OpenStack Board of Directors activities and meetings on the Board wiki page.

Technical Committee

The OpenStack Technical Committee has oversight over technical matters in the OpenStack open source project. Its membership is directly elected by the contributors to the upstream project. Find more information about the Technical Committee, including its charter, current membership, reference documents and past resolutions.

User Committee

The OpenStack User Committee represents the downstream users of the OpenStack software. Its membership is directly elected by users involved in the OpenStack community. Find more information about the User Committee.


The SIGs (Special Interest Groups) are a form of working group in OpenStack that is not directly tied to a specific governance body. SIGs activities center around a topic or practice that spans all the community (developers, operators, end users…), by forming a guild of people with a shared interest. Find more information about SIGs.


OpenStack governance bodies and leaders are regularly renewed using elections. Find more information about community-organized PTL and Technical Committee elections.


The OpenStack Technical Committee is welcoming all news ideas of global changes to OpenStack, within the ideas repository. Changes related to a single official project should be discussed directly with the project team instead.