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This tag is part of the assert category of tags, which are assertions made by the project team themselves about their maturity. One such assertion (or self-imposed contract) is about the cold-upgrade features that the project supports.

The “assert:supports-upgrade” tag asserts that the project will support minimal cold (offline) upgrade capabilities.


OpenStack projects represent code that is installed and deployed on many distributed systems in order to provide services to users. Operators need to know what projects support a controlled and planned upgrade process from release to release in order to make good decisions about what to expose to users. Utilizing an OpenStack project in a deployment where smooth upgrades are not provided is a danger that operators should be aware of.


  • The project is already tagged as type:service.
  • Configuration from release N-1 is supported in release N. Sane defaults for new configuration variables are provided in such a way that deployed code from N can be expected to run without operator intervention.
  • Database schema updates are stable and ordered such that moving a database (with actual data in it) from release N-1 to N is possible without data loss. This must be actively tested full-stack on every proposed commit in the gate, with resources present and working before and after the upgrade step.
  • A procedure for general upgrades of the project is defined and does not change substantially from cycle to cycle.
  • The project provides an upgrade impact section on the release notes page that highlights anything that must be done by operators for each cycle outside the normal upgrade procedures.
  • The upgrade procedure does not result in any state changes to controlled resources, but may disrupt their accessibility. This allowance is eliminated by the assert:supports-accessible-upgrade tag.
  • Full stack integration testing is performed on every proposed commit to validate that cold upgrades from the previous stable release are not broken. Any upgrade tasks that would be documented as above are codified in the testing to demonstrate correctness.