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This tag is part of the assert category of tags, which are assertions made by the project team themselves about their maturity.

The assert:supports-accessible-upgrade tag asserts that in addition to a project supporting basic upgrade capabilities, it does so without disrupting the accessibility of controlled resources..

Application to current deliverables


Many OpenStack projects control and manage compute, networking and data storage resources for end users. Operators need to know which projects support an upgrade process that maintains end user accessibility to controlled resources during the upgrade process.


  • The project is already tagged as type:service.
  • The project has already successfully asserted the assert:supports-upgrade tag. All the requirements for that tag are requirements for this tag, and assertion that tag is a requirement to assert this tag.
  • In addition to the plan required by the assert:supports-upgrade tag, which allows for upgrades to disrupt end user accessibility of controlled resources, this tag requires services to eliminate any abnormal disruption of accessibility to controlled resources during the upgrade process when using at least one documented configuration. For example, upgrades should not take managed resources offline or otherwise make them inaccessible. Conversely, configurations that may result in abnormal disruption, and any limitations of the upgrade process that may affect accessibility, must be explicitly documented as such.
  • In addition to the full stack integration testing required by the assert:supports-upgrade tag, the accessibility of controlled resources should be maintained throughout the upgrade process. In order to assert this tag, services should prevent regression by implementing a gate job wherein accessibility of a controlled resource is validated throughout the upgrade process.