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PTL:Frank Kloeker (eumel8) <f.kloeker@telekom.de>


To make OpenStack ubiquitously accessible to people of all language backgrounds.






Extra ATCs

Full Name Email Expires In
Akihiro Motoki amotoki@gmail.com January 2020
Alberto Molina Coballes alb.molina@gmail.com July 2019
Alexander Loew alexander.loew@innovo-cloud.de January 2020
Andi Chandler andi@gowling.com January 2020
Andreas Jaeger jaegerandi@gmail.com January 2020
ByungYeol Woo wby1089@gmail.com January 2020
Carlos Camacho ccamacho@redhat.com January 2020
Corinne Verheyde cverheyd@gmail.com July 2019
Dmytriy Rabotjagov noonedeadpunk@ya.ru January 2020
Dongbin Im bnitech88@gmail.com January 2020
Doraly Navarro Meinhardt doralynavarro@gmail.com January 2020
Dr Yih Leong Sun yihleong@gmail.com July 2019
Fernando Pimenta fernando.c.pimenta@gmail.com January 2020
Frank Kloeker eumel@arcor.de January 2020
Frank Wang wangpeihui@inspur.com July 2019
François Magimel magimel.francois@gmail.com January 2020
Gene Kuo gene@openstack.org July 2019
Georg Hennemann georg.hennemann@t-systems.com January 2020
Hajime Miyamoto ha-miyamoto@kddi.com July 2019
Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi@gmail.com January 2020
Ilya Alekseyev ilyaalekseyev@acm.org January 2020
JF Taltavull jftalta@gmail.com January 2020
Jaewook Nam roto1248@naver.com January 2020
Jaewook Oh kyle.oh95@gmail.com July 2019
Jesus Montoya jmontoyac@gmail.com July 2019
JongSoo Ha neo415ha@gmail.com January 2020
Jongwon Lee tothebinaryworld@gmail.com January 2020
Jori Kuusinen jori.kuusinen@gmail.com January 2020
Loic Nicolle loic.nicolle@orange.com July 2019
Luigi Toscano ltoscano@redhat.com January 2020
Majed Alangari mangari@stcs.com.sa January 2020
Marcelo Dieder marcelodieder@gmail.com July 2019
Reik Keutterling spielkind@gmail.com July 2019
Remo Mattei remo@rm.ht January 2020
Robert Simai robert.simai@suse.com January 2020
Rodrigo Loures rmoraesloures@gmail.com January 2020
SEEUNG KANG seeung0305@naver.com January 2020
Shu Muto shu.mutow@gmail.com January 2020
Shunichi Kuroyanagi sh-kuroyanagi@kddi.com July 2019
Shuquan Huang huang.shuquan@99cloud.net July 2019
Soonyeul Park ardentpark@gmail.com January 2020
Sungjin Kang gang.sungjin@gmail.com January 2020
Sungwook Choi csucom@gmail.com January 2020
Surit Aryal aryalsurit@gmail.com July 2019
Taesung Oh ts5516@naver.com January 2020
TigerFang tigerfun@126.com July 2019
Tony tfu@redhat.com January 2020
Wonil Choi wonil0522@gmail.com July 2019
Yuki Kasuya yu-kasuya@kddilabs.jp January 2020
Yuko Katabami yukokatabami@gmail.com January 2020
Yusuke Higashino yusuke_higashino@adoc.co.jp January 2020
suhartono cloudsuhartono@gmail.com January 2020
vuuv froms2008@gmail.com January 2020
yongxiangwang wangyxv@163.com January 2020
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